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Bangkok Urban Community Club

BUCC team endeavors to empower refugees and asylum seekers residing in Thailand by equipping them with essential skills to facilitate their employment opportunities. Furthermore, our aim is to establish a cohesive community wherein participants can mutually exchange and showcase their diverse range of skills and talents.

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 Sharing Skill and Talent 

We believe in fostering a community where refugees and asylum seekers can share their unique skills and talents. Our goal is to provide a platform for them to connect and showcase their abilities to each other and the wider local community. Our program aims to create an environment where participants can exchange knowledge and expertise, not only among fellow refugees and asylum seekers but also with other community members. This inclusive approach boosts their motivation and confidence, instilling in them the belief that they can identify and seize opportunities for positive change in their lives.

Enhancing Employment

Providing essential skills to refugees and asylum seekers to enhance their employability is of great importance. BUCC is dedicated to empowering these individuals by offering a diverse range of skill-building activities. Our goal is to provide participants with opportunities for personally meaningful and enjoyable activities that can lead to positive transformations in their lives. All activities will be led and taught by refugees, asylum seekers, and volunteers. We will also collaborate with partner organizations, NGOs, and individuals committed to supporting our efforts.

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Enhancing Health and Well-being

BUCC recognizes the vital importance of promoting overall health and well-being among participants. To address this crucial aspect, we have developed a comprehensive program focused on improving both the physical and mental health of our members. Through our dedication to enhancing health and well-being, BUCC seeks to create a community that supports not only their immediate needs but also fosters long-term resilience and self-care.

Promoting Teamwork Among Diverse

BUCC is committed to fostering unity and collaboration among the diverse. By creating a common goal and providing opportunities for collective decision making, we aim to cultivate teamwork and a shared purpose among our members.We believe in empowering our members by actively involving them in the decision making process. Through open and inclusive discussions, our members collaborate to determine which activities to prioritize and how to best meet the diverse needs of the communities.

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Supporting Human Right

Upholding human rights is central to our mission. We follow the principles in Article One of the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights, affirming that all individuals are born free and equal in dignity and rights. We create a safe, inclusive environment where everyone at BUCC is treated with dignity, respect, and equality, free from discrimination. Our commitment to human rights extends to our programs, ensuring accessibility and openness for all, regardless of their background.


Celebrating Diversity

BUCC believes in celebrating and promoting community diversity. We provide a platform for sharing traditions, languages, and art, fostering mutual understanding. Our program and partnerships showcase unique backgrounds, cultures, and talents. Promoting inclusivity, we create an environment where all members feel valued and supported.


Leadership Opportunity 

BUCC is dedicated to provide volunteer leadership development opportunities within our organization. We believe in fair, open, and democratic processes to elect individuals for key positions within the club. By encouraging and supporting our members to take on leadership roles, we aim to nurture their skills, confidence, and capacity to drive positive change within their community. 

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